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Available Opportunities

Each year, UWC Northern Ireland is allocated a number of College places across the world. In August and September 2020, students from Northern Ireland will be attending UWC Atlantic in Wales, UWC Robert Bosch in Germany, UWC Thailand, and UWC USA.

Each College sets its own fees and scholarships. Each of our allocated places comes with the potential of a needs-based scholarship. These scholarships range in value from 0%-100% of the total cost, depending on the allocated place. Not all places have the same scholarships on offer, and each College has different fees.

Further information can be provided to applicants and their families by contacting 

APPLICATIONS FOR NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR (2021) ARE NOT YET OPEN. Anticipated date of opening is September 2020.

Students wishing to apply directly to colleges can apply through the Global Selection Programme (GPS) which attracts full fees. The GPs is designed for students:

  • who wish to apply 9-12 months before the beginning of the school year. and
  • who are able to pay the full fee for the UWC school or college to which they are successful in applying
  • who are looking to attend a specific school or college

If you wish to apply to the GSP you should go to and click on Apply to study the IBDP at UWC